3208 Entertainment Complex hottest club in Huntsville,AL?

3208 Entertainment Complex
3208 Entertainment Complex hottest club in Huntsville,AL?
  • Location
  • Price
  • 3208 Long Ave
  • $15+

Huntsville is a city that is always growing and building for a better future. The nightlife is something that every major city has and thrives on. One club that sticks out above the rest would have to be 3208 Entertainment Complex. The vibes that you receive when you enter reminds you of Atlanta,sounds perfect right! The sports bar gives you a option of being away from the party and lounge around,shoot some pool even. Liquids is the club side of 3208, this is where it goes down. Liquids have seen celebrities like Dj Infamous, Dee Ray Davis, Dc YoungFly, Ceaser from black ink crew, and even K.Michelle had to stop by to see what the hype was about! The music varies from early 2000’s to the newest hottest tracks! When you need to refresh on a drink the beautiful bartenders are a 5 out of 5 when it comes to service and drink presentation. We can’t forget about the gorgeous bottle girls, when you need bottle service you can expect the sparklers and the turn up coming your way. 3208 Entertainment Complex is a amazing business and club that hits everything you would want in a nightlife establishment!


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