How to get your records played in the club 101

How to get your records played in the club 101

Saturday, 03 October 2015

Today I wanted to offer some advice to independent artists looking to get their music played. First and foremost, music and all business associated with music is based on 2 things, product and relationships. In business, a product must be refined to it’s highest potential before it is presented to the public for retail sales. This means that as an artist, you, your image, AND YOUR MUSIC should be refined and well thought out. Even if a song is played in the club, if it has no branding or concept with it there will be nothing for the consumer to gravitate to and hold on in their brains. Music is an art form, something that is created to cause a feeling or expression. Tie in to what people feel strongly about and the topics that they gravitate to. It’s ok to deviate from the norm as well but have a target that you are looking to reach when you go left. At the end of the day, the music, branding, packaging, quality and everything else associated should be refined. This means do not bring unmixed, unmastered track for a dj to spin in the club. I would also suggest that some packaging be associated with a way to contact you if someone or the dj likes the song and wants to get a hold of you for booking, etc. This is the first step of getting your music played is to have PLAYABLE music with a LOOK behind it.

The next step is relationships. Most artists called building relationships “kissing ass” which is the wrong mind frame to have. When you build relationships try to think long term and not what “you can get out of it now”. The best way to build a relationship with someone is to GIVE. Show them that you hold value and you value what they do and most likely they will do the same. Most people genuinely WANT to help, it’s the APPROACH that determines the outcome. And most artists approaches are incorrect. “Yall don’t f-ck with me” or “when yall gonna give me some shine” or “listen to my record on soundcloud” are not good approaches. Be creative in the way that you approach people and you will most likely get the results you are looking for. In terms of getting your music played in the club, approach the DJ EARLY. Between the hours of 9pm-10pm. Most DJs are setting up and will give you a listen right then and there to see what it sounds like. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO PLAY THE SONG THAT NIGHT. Give him time with the record to understand what it mixes well with and how to control it. From a DJ side, they should play the record back after the first hook, give it some life on the mic, tell people WHY they should listen to this new record. I don’t think that’s done enough either. Ask them to do this if they play the record or like it. Ask them to take an Instagram video once it’s played, but first GIVE. Buy the DJ a drink, ask him if he needs help carrying his equipment in, talk REAL business with him. Most DJs don’t require $ to play a record, just simple respect and courtesy of the process. Relationships with DJs that DO like your music are MOST important. Understand that everyone is not going to like the music and say yes. Some people need time to see the vision so focus on those who do. This will fast track your record being played because no DJ wants to be left behind playing the next hit. Work the mixtapes DJs, the internet radio and it’s DJ system, as an alternative to build up a resume and warrant club play.

I hope this small article helps in an artists search to get their music played to a public audience. Pushing your music is also an art, so I recommend you also find a consultant that has mastered it to give you tips as well. It is not easy and sometimes may require $ but if you have good music and are confident in your abilities and brand you will get results. Peace and Love.

St. James

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